Understanding the Palestinians’ Dilemma: From al-Araqib to Susiya (Video)

From Al-Araqib to Susiya (English) , a film by al-Adalah (Justice) :

” Two Villages – One Story
An Interactive Dialogue on Forced Displacement

In a new short film, From Al-Araqib to Susiya, Adalah journeys between two Palestinian villages on either side of the Green Line. The residents of Al-Araqib and Susiya tell their stories and reveal the striking parallel between their struggles against Israel’s policies of forced displacement. In two different geo-political contexts, Israel suspends the rights of Palestinians and systematically dispossesses them of their land.”

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4 Responses

  1. This perhaps the first time that “ROUND Up” has been identified as a weapon for genocidal ethnic “cleansing”!
    This is a new twist in forced displacement of the ethnic native population of Palestine that can only be ignorred for
    a limited time into the future. That the Monsanto product could be used as such chemical weapon in Al-Araqib becomes a focul point to address both the the issues of ethnic cleansing and chemical use of the Monsanto products and
    herbicides in general. J.S.L.

  2. Ignoring peace with Palestinians will be an existential danger to the state of Israel, far bigger than Iran with a nuclear bomb.

    But don’t expect Netanyahu to do anything about it.

    • Israel as a whole never took the Palestinian resistance issue seriously.

      When stone throwing occcurred in the First Intifada, PM Yitzhak Shamir stated there would “not be a memory” left of the Palestinians if they used firearms as weapons against the occupation.

      When in the late 1990s Israeli military analysts warned senior IDF officials of the possibility of guerillla war by Palestinian resistance groups, it was scoffed at.

      The key to the militant resistance groups being successful in Palestine will be their capability to acquire heavy weaponry to employ against the IDF. The heavy casualties Israel sustained in the Second Lebanon War deterred further military adventurism by the IDF in South Lebanon; those casualties were due to sophisticated anti-tank weaponry, air-to-sea and surface-to-air missiles used by Hezbollah. In November of 2012, it was the Iranian-manufactured Fajr missiles with a 200lb warhead that inflicted significant panic in Tel Aviv.

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