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  1. Unfortunately, this is in large part the rotten legacy left over by Lula, who turned out to be a huge disappointment. My personal beef with Lula was his casual, almost blase’ disregard of environmental issues, especially the ongoing clearing of the Amazon region to make room for agri-business. But these demonstrations are more immediately linked to the culture of corruption which only worsened during the PT’s time in office. Dilma’s a good woman but she’s done little to reverse that trend. And corruption spells arrogance and leaves its mark on a society.

    The upshot: the rich live in gated communities and luxury high-rises and the rest have to deal with absurdly high street violence, poor social services and dirty and dangerous streets – I won’t even mention the roads which are veritable parking lots. Just try and get from Garulhos airport to downtown on any given day. It’s a joke. And just wait until the World Cup! There’s no such thing as urban planning. In Sao Paulo, new buildings go up all the time but mass transit doesn’t get a nickel. But that’s OK because the contractors get rich and they pay off the preifetura and the other politicians whose palms need greasing.

    People have had enough. And so the explosion. I doubt this will lead to a lasting social movement, though who can really predict? But at least it sends a wake-up call to the political establishment. Now it’s on them to draw the proper conclusions.

  2. Brazil has the makings of a civil society. It remains to be seen whether family ties and political gangsterism (with pistol and with fountain pen) can be overcome.

  3. If you want to show support for the brazilian people, don’t go to the world-cup in 2014 in Brazil. The authorities claim there is no money for hospitals and infra-structure, but they managed to raise billions of dollars to fund the world cup, with mega stadiums that will never be used again. The money would enough to finance the last three worldcups altogether.

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