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  1. the section beginning at 4:30 is AKP supporters taking the street along with the cops. You can see that some of them are carrying sticks — they’re the people really chapulling.
    I think I’ve seen all of the clips — and worse — before this. There’s nothing nearly extreme enough to doubt.

  2. Yavuz Baydar on the current media situation in Turkey:

    Behind the recent reshuffling of media ownership was this quest for power (such as ShowTV, Star TV, Skyturk360). Whoever takes over the government first wants to control the media by using public contracts as a “carrot.”

    Media bosses are after ever-expanding Istanbul projects that mean millions of dollars. These bosses cannot, therefore, allow true journalism: Angering the government is a major risk.

    That is why you never hear in the major media any of the corruption stories we all know about. There is no investigative journalism. That no big media boss appears on the list of taxpayers despite the big money they make leads us to ask one question: How can a media that grows with corrupt capital cover the raging corruption in a country?

  3. Why don’t young Americans act that courageously, demanding their government be responsive to people’s needs ?
    Bravo, young Turks.

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