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  1. Better than shooting at each other along the Line of Control on the Kargil Glacier in Kashmir. As Humphrey Bogart (“Rick”) said to Claude Rains (“Capt. Louis Renault”) at the end of Casablanca, after Rick shoots the German officer and Renault tells his men to round up the usual suspects, “This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.” How can you hate each other when both of you are pirouetting around like peacocks in front of each other!

  2. Men! That’s not ceremonial, it’s farce. Ceremony shouldn’t make you groan in embarrassment. This little display is tantamount to a peeing contest.
    But still, I’d rather they do that than behaving like animals towards one another.

  3. There is quite a display of male bravado involved here, as crowds on both sides cheer their soldiers.It is believed that the stamping of feet has shattered the health of many soldiers on both sides.

  4. Wonderful ceremony, but poor photography only showing the top half of the performers for much of the time.

  5. While this is very entertaining, I sensed a troubling overtone. The ornamental strutting your military in front of your often enemy does not indicate a lessening of tensions. Peace treaties and joint military exercises would be more comforting. This is not the British Army at the Horse Guards Parade performing for the Queen!

  6. yeah, once the ceremony starts, about 4:45 PM, there’s no crossing until about 9:15 AM the next day.

    why can’t it just stay open ?

  7. I think it’s a great bit of performance art! I love the fact that, although they may be called on to fight each other that they can agree to coordinate on the ceremony and salute each other. It’s a bit of the old Raj that continues and is clearly loved by the crowds who cheer their ‘teams’ and both sides are winners.

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