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  1. Not surprised. I believe I heard a figure of 40,000 volunteers from Europe. Raises again the question of what in god’s name the US is doing supporting it. Ne.Kevin Mcedless to say, this will not end well with or without us

    New York Times notes that “Egypt’s prosecutors have been flooded with blasphemy complaints since 2011 as Islamists exercising their new societal clout have pushed for prosecutions and courts have handed down steep fines and prison terms for insulting religion.” (Apparently Egypt is taking Turkey for a model after all.)

    • It won’t “end well” because it won’t ever end. Not until we effing stupid humans so depopulate ourselves that there’s hardly any fight left in us. Or until there really is some winning of hearts and minds, on a big scale, people turned, maybe in desperation, to the long-game wisdom of the Golden Rule, turned to helping each other survive rather than strangling, stabbing, decapitating, shooting and blasting each other as they sink into that rising sea that is only floating megayachts, “Allahu akbar!!!” or “in the name of the Most High Tripartite God.” Or just because it’s so damn much exciting FUN: link to youtube.com and link to youtube.com

      But hey, the tradition is that we struggle to stand on each others’ shoulders as we drown, shredding the deltoids of “the weak” in our fight for breathable air…

      In other news, the corporations that produce weapons of mass dissolution are posting record profits, link to americanfreepress.net and link to globalissues.org and (for a dated but easily updated view that still captures the Big Picture) link to fas.org . And the sneaky little ba__ards who “craft policy” and “declare doctrines and dogmas” and “implement strategies” and “populate and operate the Global Interoperable Network-centric Battlespace” are rising in their pay grades and advancing in their careers. Even as they order the Troops to retreat (ssssshhh!!!!!) from the latest idiocy in that “graveyard of empires” place, sending “diplomats” to “direct the future of” the latest we-broke-it-now-we-have-to-fix-it Imperial misadventure by (sssshhh!) “negotiating” with “the Taliban.” As reported by those who profit from, but are excused and insulated from, combat or the costs of war: link to news.investors.com

      Yeah, “arm the rebels.” “Make it a fair fight.” Say those that are either liars, or totally unclear on the concept and nature of it all.

      The name of the god in which “we” do all this is binary: Moloch, and Mammon.

  2. Steven Aftergood has posted the latest CRS report on the Syrian conflict.

    It includes profiles of all the principal opposition factions and their goals, ideologies and associations. They are divided into two groups — those who support the “National Coalition” and those who have not.

    link to fas.org

    • An excellent link to describe the complex nature of who constitute the “rebels” opposing Assad’s regime.

    • Apparently there are a few other thoughtful people who try to contextualize the idiocy that’s in the works once again. Here’s from one of our host’s friends and interlocutors, a lengthy, inclusive discourse on some of the more salient reasons why the idiots calling for Arming the Noble Resistance are once again full of shoot! shoot! and replenish the logistics flow! And why the comfortable narrative they peddle on how effective and wonderful the No-Fly Iraq and the Balkan Ballet and “Libya Libre” were is also a pile of hoooey. link to justworldnews.org

      Not that, any more than in 1956 or 1993 or 1999 or 2000 or 2001 or 2003 or 2010, any of that will manage to penetrate the mental bunkers of, or re-direct by one tiny fraction of a mil the aiming points, of the idiots inside the fluffy Depends that coddle the cojones of the fake “patriots” in the bespoke suits and be-medalled BDUs held up by the Beltway…

  3. “Islamic State” is a vague term, encompassing everything from the liberal democracy in Libya to the Saudi monarchy. That figure tells me nothing about the rebels’ goals.

    The characterizations of the rebels provided in the interview are much more useful, as well as reassuring.

  4. This is just incredible. Here we go again. Nothing good can come of getting involved with these people. It’s a complete no-brainer that arming the rebels will come back to haunt us. We are aiding the very kinds of people we claim to abhor, the very mentality we just spent tens of trillions of dollars of borrowed money to try and destroy…and only made worse!

    You’d think that all these over-educated people in Washington and London would know this. Which leads me to believe that this is all being done for other reasons that clearly have nothing to do with democracy and human rights. Like massive, criminal war-profiteering, for one.

    Cynical? How can you not be!

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