Japan’s Feed-in Tariff Kicks off Explosive Renewables Growth (Video Report)

This video report argues that Japan’s introduction of feed-in tariffs has given a huge boost to its renewable energy market, and that India should follow suit. Infographic on feed-in tariffs, which are explained at this UK government site:

India’s ANI multimedia reports:

Japan’s growth in renewables has attracted have a billion dollars in investment recently from Goldman Sachs.

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  1. Ha ha ha, you are aware that this is aimed at pushing China out the Solar Panel market, along with other renewable energy markets. Japan is now topped to become the largest Solar Panel distribute, especially since both the EU and the US has dumped anti dumping regulations on China. What I find interesting is being China has the largest supply of rare earth metal and the largest production, this seems more aimed at pushing China into opening up their rare earth metal industry into increased trade.

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