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  1. Great!

    And also fun. Here, in no particular order, is who I was able to recognize: Christopher Hitchens, Oliver Stone, Wallace Shawn, Matt Taibbi, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Phil Donahue and I think Daniel Ellsberg.

    Who else?

  2. I hope Bradley knows that he is considered a hero by so many people. He is one of the most courageous people of our times.

  3. Uhhh… Steve, Christopher Hitchens died on Dec. 15, 2011 unless he was manifestly wrong in his atheism, I don’t think he was in this video. And, yes, it was Daniel Ellsberg who say’s “I was Bradely Manning”. And, of course, he was.

    I urge everyone to read Julian Assange’s essay “On the First Day of the Manning Trial” at: link to readersupportednews.org.

    Unless people can organize as in the last scene of ” ‘V’ for Vendetta” (remember the sea of people in Guy Fawkes masks?) the government is going to railroad Bradley into never-ending confinement.

    We must All be Bradley Manning!

  4. I just realized, Steve, you wrote ‘Hitchens’ but meant ‘Hedges’… Chris Hedges is still alive and is in the video ;-)

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