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  1. Interesting video.

    Can you post your take and any relevant facts to the US-Taliban-Karzai relationship. I imagine i’m not the only one confused as to why Hamid Karzai has what looks to be such a huge veto on any US actions, like speaking with the Taliban. The current situation perplexes me more than any recent international event since all the actors seem to be in no rush to bring about any kind of change in the status quo.

    A lot of your posts are very enlightening and informative and i bet many of your readers, like myself, would appreciate at least one or a few posts on the topic.

  2. How would the Americans react if drone attacks and killings were targeting them?

    I feel that robot wars will only increase resistance and reactions of revenge. It may take some time though, but it could happen. When you lose a child, killed by a US drone, will you ever forget and forgive it? The Americans wouldn’t… So why would it be any different for the victims’ parents, brothers, uncles, sisters? Revenge may not happen on the US territory, but to US citizens, most likely civilians and tourists at that, in some friendly country. Who knows what the future will be for the most warmonger country in human history?

  3. Deming – my question would be, why does the US have any say at all on what happens in Afghanistan? I can’t help thinking the world would be a better place if the US minded its own business. And the US wouldn’t be broke.

  4. This is sloppy State Dept. work. You don’t undertake negotiations (big project) without knowing exactly what the requirements are. That takes coordination, time, ass-kissing and a stick.

    Sounds like a politician jumped the project manager.

  5. Did he really say he ‘regrets 1626 killings’ ?? I thought he said they were bad guys and they deserved to die …sounded a bit sad for himself but ‘regret’ I’m not so sure. Maybe a bit more so if he were put in front of a court.

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