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  1. Not to mention that this means they’ve developed a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators.

  2. From the graphic artists who brought you 1995’s smash hit game, “Myst”!

  3. 21st century is an Asian century, as many western newscasters are saying for the last many years.

    Sometime back Economist reported that west is spending 300 hundred billion on R&D, while Asia is spending 400 billion. This parity will increase over time.

    New inventions, new gadgets, new concepts, new ideas will be coming, more & more from Asia.

    The world is changing fast.

    • Yeah, now “Asia” can take its turn stripping the next level of life out of the planet. Really something to be proud of, to look forward to, to glory in and all that. One wonders how well “Asia” will go about divvying up the spoils — might makes right, like the corporate West? “It’s Not Illegal?” I’m sure all the displaced and starving peasants, gasping for a breath of polluted air and dripping water with a bouillabaisse of dissolved toxins into their children’s slack mouths, will be all Happy Face about the Great Victory.

      If “Asia” includes Russia, one of the new inventions and gadgets and concepts and ideas is how to make it possible for Vulture Capitalists and Vampire Squids(who know NO place or tribal loyalties) to essentially live forever, as imperishable as the charters and then unstoppable momentums of all the post-national corporate entities: link to forbes.com

      And how about nanoweapons, and New Biology “food” and plagues, and robots making most of us unnecessary except as consumers, and what did the Creator have in mind when he set in motion the global idiocy that has people living, if you can call it that, on and from the scraps “thrown away” in the garbage dumps of our great Postnational Cities? Crabs scrabbling in the dark depths for bits of a dead carcass…

      What’s the Cantonese for “iCrap?”

    • On a Desert Planet. What would Shai Hulud do?

      Query: do the Billboards have some magic mechanism to remove the mercury, hormones, pesticides, sulfur compounds, cyanide and all the rest from that water that they seive from the air? And hmmmm, what happened to all the water formerly on the surface of Mars, again?

  4. For all these vanity projects, Dubai remains one of the most environmentally unfriendly places on the planet. It has the world’s large per capita carbon footprint, and its “World” artificial islands scheme imported sand from Australia, which contributed to destroying coral reefs in their waters. They had a plan to artificially cool a posh section of waterfront, environmental impacts be d**ned. Dubai cares nothing for the environment. They are all about big, flashy, and expensive.

    I have no doubt this little plan, too, will destroy more than it creates. That’s the Dubai way.

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