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  1. Americans should know that it was only in 2008 that “Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress party [were] removed from the US terror watch list….Ronald Reagan had originally placed the ANC on the list in the 1980s….Prior to the removal of his name from the watch list Mr. Mandela had to get special certification from the US secretary of state that he [was] not a terrorist in order to visit the country. Mr. Mandela won the Nobel peace prize in 1993, and was president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.” The grace, modesty, and wisdom of Mandela provide a model for any political leader.
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  2. I remember arguing with conservatives way back in the mid 60’s about Mandela and the ANC. Conservatives were convinced that both were part of the international communist conspiracy. Of course they believed that about Martin Luther King, also. They are so consistently wrong and yet won’t even admit or recognize their past failings. Mandela, along with King and Gandhi is one of the greatest moral leaders in the 20th Century.

    • The African National Congress leadership undoubtedly had Marxist elements.

      Joe Slovo was the General Secretary of the South African Communist Party and also was one of the leaders of the military wing of the ANC.

  3. @Gary Page
    As opposed to the leftists who lionized Robert Mugabe as a “resistance leader” and “freedom fighter” even after the Gukurahundi?

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