Jon Stewart with Bassem Youssef in Cairo: “If your regime can’t handle a joke, you don’t have a regime.”

Almost all of the segment is in English except the first half-minute. Jon Stewart makes an appearance in Cairo on Bassem Youssef’s comedy show. He is introduced as a prominent spy, and comes in and says ‘thank you,’ ‘enough’ (the the applause) and ‘I am a simple man.’

This is the show:

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  1. Message to the Muslim Brotherhood:
    Hands off Bassem Youssef and Jon Stewart. If you can’t take a step back, see the humor in situations, and think deeply and critically about issues than you are no better than Fir`awn or Hosni Mubarak.
    -From a Muslim in the U.S. who supported the Tahrir demonstrations was overjoyed to see Mubarak leave office.

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