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  1. It is vital employees of government agencies and contractors in the intel field are given whistleblower protections too. Dont get me wrong, the whistleblower process is fraught with too many problems and politics and is very weak, as is the system supposedly in place to protect employees from retaliation. Let’s be honest. It is broken. Yet, as problematic as it is, whistleblower protections should encompass this critical area of the government workforce has vastly expanded since 9/11

    • During the Vietnam War, members of the Foreign Service often had disagreements on the State Departments Indochina policy. As a result a “dissent channel” was created on the theory that such expression was beeficial to overall Department functioning.

      Nevertheless, there have been claims of retaliation against whistleblowers or dissenters who have questioned the legality or wisdom of the conduct of superiors in the Foreign Service.

  2. It can’t be too much emphasized that the agency involved in this activity was a contractor of the NSA. It was outsourced to a private corporation that employed Snowdon.

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