GOP to Poor American Kids: Silly wabbits, Food Stamps are for Corporations! (Jamiol Cartoon)

The GOP-dominated House of Representatives has stripped food stamps from the farm bill, while supporting subsidies to agricultural corporations and lower taxes on the rich. I mean, you expect representatives elected by corporate campaign funds to go to bat for the 1%. But they didn’t used to be so mean about it.

h/t Paul Jamiol

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4 Responses

  1. Please pardon the cavil, but this headline conflates two different animated lagomorphs (rabbits and hares), the Trix rabbit, the silly one, and Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd’s wabbit nemesis.

  2. That’s great and I was reading somewhere it looks like giant ag will be left out the TPP so they can go on collecting free money. Amazing in Amerika more people on food stamps than have a job, pretty sad days ahead for us on Main Street

  3. Besides “the Farm Bill,” we taxpayers pay for all ag research, planting advice, and markets, to name a few, via land grant colleges and the Departments of Agriculture on the Federal, State, and County levels of government: it is a fail safe welfare system.

  4. Shouldn’t that coupon say “Dire Straits” not “Straights?” And I think the phrase is “Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate.”


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