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  1. People are partying on the street of Cairo as if Morsi has resigned.

  2. Hmm, what was the brief shot of the Sistine Chapel in there for? (God and Adam’s fingers reaching toward each other – does such a painting exist in Egypt? – or is it some code relating to the religious affiliation of the editor? or just a mistake?).

  3. I know, we can only track just so much misery, futility and idiocy at one time, but there’s still a shootin’-and-corruptin’ war thingie with US troops involved in Afghanistan, and a bunch of other places, and of course there’s that Syria thingie.

    Which possibly-former nation has/had its own beauties:

    link to youtube.com

    And there’s people in lots of places, like “the only democracy in the Middle East,” that are happy to see the tearing-apart proceeding apace…

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