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  1. There are only a few positions in the world where such a grandiose illusion could be appreciated. A high proportion of today’s architectural wonders are materializing like fanciful mirages from the wasteland sands. Nice post.

  2. Incredible – Can’t wait to see the progress of this construction, and of course the finished hotel!

  3. I wonder what they do to keep the divers away from the windows of the hotel guests underwater – submerged peeping toms!

  4. Not just the investment money rather disposable money liberates the mind to think much further extravagantly to spend money in new ways.

    European cities swelled beyond belief, erected towers & tall buildings that the world has never seen before, after they got all the loot & plundered money from the colonies. Created readymade markets for their finished goods. Like India, was the biggest market for English products & jewel in the crown to plunder that made Manchester & Liverpool shining cities in England?

    Forty years ago when I used to live close to the area those are building ivory towers & under water hotels, Palm Islands & world maps on the water, at that time hardly anyone knew Doha, Dubai & other places.

    It is all the carbon disposable money that is liberating minds & means to do more what the west did once. What will come next, it is anyone’s guess.

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