Kenya turns to Geothermal Green Energy (Video)

Kenya is blessed with a great deal of hydroelectric power, but its electricity needs outstrip that source’s ability to supply them, a problem that will only grow worse in coming years.

One green energy source to which Kenya is turning is geothermal. Because of the Rift Valley, East Africa has enormous geothermal potential.

VOAnews reports:

Kenya has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any country in the world, and is also developing wind and solar electricity.

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  1. It is great news. Finally, the time has come that Africans will use their resources for their benefits, not their resources being exploited & looted by the colonizers.

    I always feel happy to see African countries make progress, especially Kenya, a country I love.

    Kenya, a fascinating country.

    • The host for some reason changed the URL and embed code after I posted it. They didn’t take the video down, they just moved it.

      I have restored it with the new codes. Apologies for the inconvenience, but it wasn’t my fault. Should work now.

  2. Thanks for the good news. It couldn’t happen in a better place. Here in the US it is all frack baby frack. So sad.

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