Iraq: 92-Year-Old Iraqi Man marries 22-Year-Old Woman

“A 92-year-old man in Iraq marries a woman 70 years his junior. Muslai Mohammed, one of the most prominent figures in his village, decided to get married three years after the death of his first wife, who died aged 58.

“I remained alone when my wife died, there was nobody to share anything with. I wanted to have a good time, have some pleasure, but there was nothing. Then God brought her to me, for my pleasure. Is that good or bad?,” he said.

Muna al-Jabouri, his new wife, said: “I accepted (to marry him) when I saw his pictures and realised it was my fate.” Report by Katie Lamborn.”

ITN reports

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11 Responses

  1. Who am I to judge the culture or religion of other peoples? OK let me see, if I was at 60 years of age and wed a woman 70 years my junior, she wouldn’t have been born yet. No problemo.

  2. He talks about looking forward to pleasure in marriage. She says she saw the photo and knew it was her fate – nothing about pleasure for her. Was it her fate because she was forced to (by contract or financially)?

  3. Atlease he is getting married and not committing adultry like Hugh Hefner with those twins or those 3 girls lot younger than his age.

  4. Would the comments be so benign if a 92 year old woman married a 22 year old man? Either way, I think it’s appalling.

  5. “Would the comments be so benign if a 92 year old woman married a 22 year old man.” Why should they be different?
    For example, Liz and husband number xy (unsolved*).

    *xy unsolved is a tv crime program. The forrunner for Entertainment Today.

  6. If you look at the video, they both look happy. That’s all that matters. As far as I’m concerned, looks, age, or other physical factors are irrelevant. All that matters is that two people care for and respect each other, and treat each other with kindness.

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