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  1. “Respectable circles” = “responsible observers/historians”?

    Waiting to hear from our Colonel Blimp, link to en.wikipedia.org, Apologists here why, other than because Chomsky does not hew to and promote the Narrative they favor and speak for and maybe even identify with and profit from, and because he is, you know, one of “those people,” what he says, about the diction and fraud that befuddle the rest of us so we ignore, out of misplaced loyalty, the evil that our rulers do, is wrong. Of course one has the option of just letting this little blip be obscured in the Noah’s Flood of Content, spinning away into the wake of the Leviathan…

    Too bad there’s not a bass line, to the little partita and fugue that plays out here and at other nexuses in blogspace, a bass line that more constantly spits out a few measures recalling the REALITY of so many and various of the “US” behaviors, or policies or whatever you want to call them, versus the graffiti sprayed on by the apologists and frank propagandists for the powers that be.

    Oooh! Oooh! Time for a reminder, speaking of South and Central America, of the wit and wisdom of Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, observing that he was little other than a hired thug forcing the “wogs” to accede to the will of American Business Interests, Inc.

    How far are we from the point that the Overlords feel it is not necessary to even allow the little annoyances of “liberal blogging” to continue, the point at which the grip on all the choke points identified by ALEC and PNAC and Heritage and the rest can be closed off like a border crossing on the West Bank?

    • He’s doing exactly what his cultural programming tells him to do.
      On one level it is perfectly intellectually consistent. On the other level it’s the venomous spittle of a cobra directed at his own adopted countrymen. It comes as no surprise.

  2. So sad – after all these years and all the hard work by Prof Chomsky and others, nothing has changed. The powers running the show remain untouched and untouchable.

  3. He could’ve been talking about the military coup in Egypt and how it is not a military coup for the left, but it is for the MB. And how the illiberal left goes out of its way to provide it with a blanket of legitimacy so it succeeds and fits their interests.

    I bet Noam Chowsky would rip apart the pseudo-liberal how cheered this coup.

  4. Last time I checked, the US supported a two state solution in the Middle East. So, which ‘peace process’ is it that we are opposing. The one going on in Syria right now.

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