Annals of White Terrorism: Police Arrest Suspect in bombing of Mosque, Murder of Muslim

A British-Ukrainian suspect is being looked at for both the murder of an elderly Muslim man and several bombings outside mosques in London.

Terrorism against Muslims by people of European Christian heritage is almost never called ‘terrorism’ in the press, but this case clearly fits any reasonable definition of the phenomenon.

Likewise there is never any collective guilt involved in such crimes; “Christians” are not tasked with “controlling” the violent impulses of their young men and not depicted as agonizing over how they managed to produce bombers despite the peaceful character of their religious precepts.

Channel 4 News reports

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4 Responses

  1. Totally untrue. Many examples of politically inspired violence by ‘white’ and/or ‘christian’ people are described as ‘terrorism ie the IRA, the Red Brigades Timothy McVeigh etc etc. Also, NONE of these cases involved theologically motives, just plain POLITICAL. Also, I strongly doubt that the man involved in the Birmingham bombings and murders wa a ‘British’ Ukrainian, we have had an influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe over the last twenty years, he is more likely to be a ‘pure’ Ukrainian, and given that the ukarainians were favoured by the Nazis as their concentration camp guards and general brutes, I suggest it maybe something to do with Ukrainian culture in general.

  2. Not only is it not called ‘terrorism,’ it’s barely covered in the news. Admittedly, if one of those bombs killed a number of people the reaction would be a little different. But, regardless, if they were set outside Churches the country would be in lock-down by now.

  3. “The murder was being treated as an act of terrorism, the police said.

    There have been several attacks on Islamic buildings in Britain since the murder of soldier Lee Rigby on a south London street in May stoked community tensions.”

    So…almost never called terrorism…except in the news report you link, apparently.

    And there never is any collective Christian guilt because Christ was a pacifist according to the New Testament. He did not say “slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them.” (9:5)

    If he had, indeed, said something like that to Mary Magdelene as he was dying on the cross, perhaps we could have a different conversation.

  4. Don’t talk rubbish, Phillip. What an active imagination you have. The Police have caught a fellow for the murder of an elerly Muslim man and the planting of these bombs: he is a Ukrainian student. I doubt if these bombs had been planted outside churches that the country wouldhave been in lockdown. The Government does not like to alarm people. Churches are attacked all the time by the way, especially in the East End of London. Do you think there should have been a response like the one we are seeing in Paris to a copper who femanded a Muslima remove her veil? (Full face veils are illegal in France). Riots and burnings? Would that be proportionate?

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