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  1. That ain’t the only Global Network-Centric Interoperable-Battlespace-Manager’s-Eye view of the planet surface that illuminates what the Great Global Game is doing, “accomplishing,”, hither and yon:

    “Syria Devastation Unfolds Before Our Eyes”

    link to

    And of course there’s plenty of ongoing ground level evidence here, link to and here, link to, and all that other stuff that fills up Youtube bandwidth and touches our Warporn-lusting naughty bits.

    One of the themes that Barbara Tuchman noted and extracted from her Serious History study of the Fin de Siecle Europe and the runup to WW I was that pretty uniformly, the peoples of Europe, whatever their ethnicity and national affections and allegiances and alliances, were lusting for violence, for “War!”, so that the gunpowder was all piled up in the streets everywhere, just waiting for a sufficient spark. A pretty tiny one was all it took, eventually. Meantime, the Krupps and others sold guns and uniforms and other materiel to all sides, and those who finance these things did Great. Anything new under the sun?

    A couple of us are all into little bits of strategy ‘n’stuff, and work steadily to steer the discourse always back onto the Mainstream track, and sneersat bigger-picture stuff, and are all huffy about the incontrovertible correctness of their posthole interjections here, all drawn from some assumed position of superior knowledge. And most of the rest of us are either uninformed and speaking from our biases and fractional bits of imagery or information or knowledge, or carrying a torch or flag for some partisan Enemy-think idiocy or another. People like the creatures in this bit of propaganda, who purport to Explain It All when it comes to “Who Lost Egypt?”: link to

    Anybody asking what the goals of human existence are? What might produce something other than anomie and Forever War? Is it all just self-pleasing and consumption and domination and “Allahu Akhbar!”? The one who dies, or kills, with the most toys wins? The fun and excitement of “Capture the Flag,” with real bullets and cluster-f__ units and and “smart” and soon “intelligent” munitions and mortar and artillery shells and rockets and the rest, and actually being able to kill other humans with impunity? Or maybe are we lusting for that wonderful catharsis that surely must arise, as we skate ever closer to something that seems destined to look like an earthbound version of Ragnarök? link to However much you snipe and sneer, Joe and Bill and now maybe Larry, there really are some larger themes here, that maybe, like with human effects on the biosphere, warrant a little attention and respect, not just advantage- and rent-seeking. And the Game As Usual has nothing, NOTHING, to offer by way of even being able to keep itself going, let alone producing ‘security’ or ‘stability’ and especially not ‘sustainability.’ And NOTHING for the people who create the wealth, the surplus grain, that pays for it.

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