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  1. and by ‘misled’ you mean lied to. so we have been systematically lied to. why should the topic of marijuana be any different than say Vietnam? or Iraq, or the Contras, or Social Security Reform.

  2. Not a fan of Dr. Gupta, but it speaks well of him he can see the light and change his position.
    The other guy speaks as a typical evangelical; what’s wrong with getting high? Nothing in my POV.

  3. While cannabis probably causes fewer problems than alcohol or meth, it is hardly benign.

    It is highly correlated with psychotic disorders. People that have such disorders that continue to smoke have more frequent and severe psychoses. Research has not been well-funded. See:

    link to bmj.com

    link to ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
    (see section on cannabis)

    The problem with cannabis is the wild-west approach of illegal sales and high-THC “medical marijuana”. If the product is to be legal it should be highly regulated and of known purity and properties.

    There are components of cannabis that might be useful in treating mental illness, but research again is poorly funded and very early.

    Let it suffice to say that cannabis has a negative role in severe mental illness. The costs of such illnesses are very significant.

  4. Big commercial interests do not want to compete with pot. Pfizer and Budweiser wont be sponsoring Gupta.

    The incarceration industry (police, prosecutors, defense lawyers, judges, prisons) would lose lots of their reason for being with legal pot.

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