Israeli Troops attack European Diplomats on Aid Mission

First the Israelis again erased a Palestinian population, ruling that the 120 Bedouin inhabitants of Khirbet Makhul in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank did not have proper “building permits” for the huts in which they lived. These people have lived in Palestine since forever, and they are not in Israel. It is the Israelis who don’t have any permit to be in the West Bank. No international body ever awarded them this Palestinian territory. They just attacked it and conquered it and then started acting like they own it. Then the Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and other European-heritage Israeli troops whose families mostly came in the 1930s and after demolished these “unlicensed” dwellings, leaving the people homeless. The Palestinians refused to take the hint, and they stayed on their land. Then some European diplomats tried to drive out to give them some blankets and food, and Israeli troops stopped them, attacked them with sound grenades, threw some of them to the ground, and confiscated the aid. Among those tossed into the dust was French diplomat Marion Fesneau-Castaing, who has diplomatic immunity.

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    • Defend themselves agains what? Have you ever been to Israel? Do you know anybody who has observed what Israel’s army is doing?

      • Sarcasm can be tough to pick up on in a text-only formal.

        I believe Mr. Bodden is referring to the Israeli government’s habit of describing their troops’ use of force as “defending themselves,” regardless of circumstances, such as the time they “defended themselves” against the people whose aid ships they stormed.

        • Thank you, Joe. I thought by opening with “Presumably” readers would have spotted the cynicism behind my comment. I responded to Mr. Peeble, but my comment seems to have fallen through some cracks.

          I did say, that I hadn’t been to Israel but probably wouldn’t be allowed to enter if I did if the NSA shared with the Israelis some comments I made on line.

          I also mentioned that a relative who was young and apolitical at the time had visited Israel and found MOST Israelis she encountered to be unpleasant and MOST Palestinians the opposite.

  1. Pero seguro que Francia no tiene nada que decir al respecto, tratándose de Israel…

  2. Two pieces of information neatly encapsulate the reality Israel has become:

    -In 1937, Ben-Gurion wrote the following in a letter to his son, Amos: “My assumption is that…a partial Jewish state is not an end but a beginning…and it will serve as a powerful lever in our historical efforts to redeem the whole of the country.” And, “In June 1938, Ben-Gurion explained to the Jewish Agency Executive that he had agreed to the partition plan [of the Peel Commission] ‘not because I will make do with part of the country, but on the basis of the assumption that after we constitute a strong force after the establishment of the state we will annul the partition and expand through the whole Land of Israel.’”
    -According to Peter Beinart, “As painful as it is for Jews to admit that race hatred can take root among a people that has suffered so profoundly from it, the ground truth is this: occupying another people requires racism, and breeds it. It is very difficult to work day after day at a checkpoint, making miserable people bake in the sun, or to blow up a family’s house as they watch, or to cut off water to a village in the Jordan Valley because Palestinians are barred from living in most of that section of the West Bank, and still see the people you are dominating as fully human.”
    link to

  3. Modern Israel has nothing to do with the Bible.

    Modern Israel doesn’t have a whole lot to do with Judaism.

    Why should it make sense that someone born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio should happen to have — because of Jewish “identity” — “Right of Return” to Palestine, where someone is kicked out of his rightful home so that someone from Cleveland can occupy it?

  4. Diplomatic Immunity means you can’t be charged or convicted by the host nation. Unless the immunity is waved by your own country. It doesn’t mean that you can break laws or act with impunity in the host country.

    The diplomat on the ground got that way because she punched one of the border guards in the jaw. Oh and the gun was in no way pointed at her head. See the truth: link to

    • Thanks, Bibi. Was that before or after he threw the sound grenade at her? And that petite French woman must have had some right hook to menace the Israeli army. Maybe the commandos need to be trained in fending off tossed hors d’oeuvres.

      • Good reply, professor.

        Most any male coward responds to the slight (petite woman shows defiance) vs an actual injury.

        Likely my tax dollar purchased the riot gear the coward was wearing. sigh.

        I say, let the Israelis rule the Gaza and West Bank, and the Palestinians rule Israel. Seems fair to me.

  5. It’s the 19th century US Cavalry cleaning out the “Redskins”
    all over again.
    The “Duke” and his followers would be beaming with pride.

  6. The world is upside down; Iran is a member of and abides by the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Has steadfastly denied developing nuclear weapon which even the U.S. intelligence backs this up; and then there is Israel, won’t join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, has illegal nuclear weapons, violates human right as a matter of policy and commits war crimes with impunity.
    Iran is a “rogue” state? Outrageous!
    Israel would have us believe their words, while denying our lying eyes.

  7. I can’t see how France could have a diplomat roughed up without seeing it as an attack on France itself. The Israeli Ambassador in Paris should be called in and asked to explain himself and if failing to provide abject apologies, sent home. I suppose an alternative is for a couple of machine toting gendarmes to drag a female Israeli diplomat out of her car and kick her around a bit but France is, after all, not a thuggish state.

    • “I can’t see how France could have a diplomat roughed up without seeing it as an attack on France itself.”

      Perhaps there is an Israel lobby in France causing the French to ignore assaults on its citizens just as the US whitewashed the murder of Rachel Corrie.

  8. My only question really, is; when is the world going to wake up to the lies of the major powers of this finite planet and act in the responsible way?
    Responsibility; the ability to respond…
    It all falls from there, no?

    • I was just given a copy of “This Town” by Mark Leibovitch. He described in considerable detail the hypocrisy that is so prevalent among the insiders “inside Washington” and he explains it as a game they are all playing and that they recognize it as such.

      Apparently, “The Game” is being played at a world level, and there are very few of us not buying into it. One of the main problems is that this game leaves lots of people dead and maimed but they don’t get up and resume life after the game is over.

  9. Interesting. In the slow progress from whatever Israel was in 1948 to whatever it is now, there was, for a time, some emphasis given to something called “purity of arms:” link to

    Which is part of the “Ethics” part of something called the “Israeli Defense Force Doctrine:” link to

    And here is the salient text, maybe, with respect to dispossessing Others and face-planting little insufficiently “diplomatic” feisty French females:

    Purity of Arms – The IDF servicemen and women will use their weapons and force only for the purpose of their mission, only to the necessary extent and will maintain their humanity even during combat. IDF soldiers will not use their weapons and force to harm human beings who are not combatants or prisoners of war, and will do all in their power to avoid causing harm to their lives, bodies, dignity and property.

    If you read the whole IDF set of pages, and they contain a lot more illuminating bits, it looks like all the “questionable” behaviors turn on both hair-splitting or hypocritical moral relativism, and as with the US Imperial Force, the definition of “THE MISSION.”

  10. Mondoweiss reports two versions of this story.

    From the New York Times: “West Bank: Israeli Soldiers Quarrel With Diplomats”

    From Reuters: “Israeli forces manhandle EU diplomats, seize West Bank aid”

  11. Aren’t a majority of Jewish Israelis descended from North African and SouthWest Asian heritage groups nowadays? If so, wouldn’t a majority of Israeli soldiers be descended from North African and SouthWest Asian heritage groups? (Unless the Gorbachev-and-after era Soviet/Russian influx changed those numbers again?)

    • Ashkenazi(European)Jews are the most prevalent group amongst Israel’s Jewry, however the number of Jews who trace their ancestry from Sephardic or Asian sources is significant.

      The recent (last 20 years or so) influx of Jews emigrating from the former Soviet republics, including Russia and the Ukraine, likely helped the Ashkenazi Jews keep their supremacy in the government and business circles within Israel. These immigrants also have been instrumental in the proliferation of West Bank settlements.

      The Ashkenazi Jews have dominated Israeli society in a political sense and the Sephardic Jewry have been relatively liberal politically but have not been included to any great extent in the political leadership – one notable exception would be Morroccan-born Amir Peretz, who had served as defense minister a few years ago.

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