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  1. Well put!

    Simple question for conservatives:

    Can you give me a single compelling reason why the government of a civil society should not protect people from the vagaries and abuses of the market place by providing universal access to education, healthcare, living wages, food security, and a clean environment?

    Ooops, forgot, you’re not really “conservatives” at all, you’re just a bunch of anarchists (isn’t that the logical conclusion of all of your deregulation?), and you have no interest in preserving social or political stability, which is what conservatives are supposed to want and what social programs are designed to do, so just forget the last question.

    Hopefully these nuts are Cruzing to oblivion!

    Good night and good luck!

  2. Dust to dust, the sooner the quicker, is the Christian way, I guess, to hear some of these soi-dissant “Christians” tell it. Whereas trying to help people (with food, medicine, education, housing, jobs, etc.) is the work of ??? the devil ???. No, no! “Love thy neighbor” is a directive as to feeling (alone), not to action. “Charity” is a directive tio feeling alone, not to action.

    I do wish that the less punitive, less denying, “Christians” would stand up and preach a generous, helping Christianity a little louder, a little more publicly, than they seem to do.

    Jews and Muslims and all the otehrs, too.

  3. Too bad there’s not another “choice” on the blinkin’ menu, like the one that thanks to age and endurance I get to make:


    And thanks to youthful patriotic enthusiastic idiocy and the stuff that happened to me while I was learning the Milo Minderbinder REALITY behind the BS about “Serving My Country,” major service-connected disability! so, I have a backup, too:


    Plus a nice tiny burial allowance, and a spot in one of our national cemeteries if my loved ones want it for me. What a deal!

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