Arts of the Arab Uprisings at the Arab-American Museum, Dearborn

The Arab-American Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, has mounted an exhibition on the Arts of the Arab Uprisings. It includes art, photography and video by street artist Amr Nazeer and celebrated social justice blogger Wael Abbas of Egypt and Tunisian activists Lina ben Mhenni and Nadia Khiari, among others.

Here is NPR’s interview with Egyptian street artist Amr Nazeer, one of the artists in the exhibit, and U-M Art Historian Christiane Gruber, among the prime movers behind a related symposium.

The exhibit is in conjunction with a conference at which many of the artists and activists will present– the U-M biannual Freer Symposium of the Art History Department, supported this year by the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies, the International Institute, and the College of Letters, Sciences and Arts, on Nov. 14-16. It will be kicked off by CNN’s Jill Dougherty on Thursday. I am not aware that there has been a similar international conference of practitioners and academics around a subject like this, so it may be unique; it is at the least distinctive!

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  1. I am always heartened with things that humanize Arabs in the eyes of Americans. We have had a good part of a century where Arabs are all things bad. This made pursuing “American interests” in the middle east more palatable. If we had to do bad things then it was only necessary because they are bad people.

    Everything that breaks mindset down is good. From Lebanese restaurants to Arab comic books, stand-up comics, art, music, and honest discussions of the plight of the Palestinians will serve to change things. Forty years later the Vietnamese are no longer gooks, in time the Arabs will not be rag heads.

  2. These are great. IC has had a fine eye for art! Maybe the artists displayed in Dearborn will make as big a splash as Bansky did during his ‘residence’ in NYC.

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