US Drones Kill 15 in Yemen Wedding Convoy, mistaking them for al-Qaeda

CIA operators of US drones in Yemen mistook a wedding convoy for al-Qaeda on Friday, killing 15 persons and wounding many others. Some 10 were killed immediately and 5 more died from their wounds.

Al-Quds al-`Arabi, a London-based daily, talked to a member of the wedding party, who said that it is impossible that the wedding party contained al-Qaeda operatives.

South Yemen has witnessed an intractable al-Qaeda presence.

Related video (from 3 weeks ago):

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9 Responses

  1. No worries, it’s all LEGAL. And the “proofs” or “reasonable doubt units” relating that there really were “threats to the national interest” in among the wedding convoy are being generated and disseminated by the Ministry of Truth right now, to provide cover for the continued idiocy… Let the fracking continue…

  2. I salute Medea & Code Pink for getting those hearings convened in DC,
    but it is not having any effect.

    If someone reading this could afford to contribute $20 million,
    she could set up IN YEMEN a US Commission on Civilian Losses to US Drones.
    This Commission would open offices in the 8 districts where most of the drone bombings occur, staffed by locals, where victims and their families could report who has been killed or injured.
    This is the way to quantify the magnitude of this war against Yemeni civilians.

    The US government has already rejected commissioning and funding such an effort.

  3. Oh, gee, I wonder why al Quaeda’s presence in Yemen is intractable. Maybe it’s because you’re BLOWING UP THE WRONG F–KING PEOPLE.

  4. Of course we will be turning over the soldier who pulled the trigger and his chain of command to the government of Yemen for prosecution.


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