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  1. What we are seeing in the United States and everywhere, really, is a crisis of legitimacy for any type of government that is not an absolute monarchy, an oligarchy, a plutocracy or a military dictatorship. The most effective opposition to the tendency to bend all human effort to the exaltation of mammon appears to be those who wish to resurrect the seventh century. Meanwhile North Americans will buy whatever nonsense is necessary to see to it that nothing ever changes but the slogans and the warm body in the suit. Those “millions of young Americans” who supported Obama and “expected to usher in age of domestic unity and international cooperation” (sic) have not even grasped what happened to their hopes but then the poor, downwardly mobile, angry white males in the gerrymandered heartland of perpetual darkness still don’t get the bait and switch that their cultural heroes are preparing for them either. Hint: it has nothing to do with “freedom”.

    This may look cynical but it is not meant that way. No one is doing this. There is no central command programming the deceptions and planning for a monarch, dictator, oligarch and plutocrat paradise where the poor know their place and the peace of the graveyard is everywhere. Of course there is plenty of scheming going on but it is all like the fantastic, intricate dance of pain and fear that Bibi and his fellow travellers do as they deftly out-maneuver everyone, including themselves, in pursuit of an ultimately self defeating end game that can only end badly.

    If there is hope it is certainly not in American party politics. There is now as there was in 1964 or 1968 or 1980 and 2008 a choice of a lesser evil; that choice always in the eye of the beholder. What might change is the perception, finally, of how transparent, rent by recent history and inadequate to cover grotesque, bloated reality the garment of democracy has become. This, surely is the essential prerequisite to see the danger.

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