Jon Stewart: Fox seems a little Hysterical about Muslim-American Women Swimming

Jon Stewart has discovered the most horrible thing in the world on Fox Cable News. A YMCA in St. Paul Minnesota has set aside an hour for Somali Muslim women to swim at the pool, no men allowed.

Actually gender-segregated swimming is quite common and is an accommodation also made for some Jewish Americans and other groups. When municipal swimming pools first began in the early twentieth century, men and women swam on different days. Fox wants to go back to the days of the robber barons in every other way, why not this one?

It bears repeating that Fox Cable News, despite its profitable Islamophobia, is part-owned by al-Walid bin Talal, a Saudi prince.

From the Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

Stewart also has more fun with the right wing ‘war on Christmas’ meme, which seems mainly an attempt to make Jewish Americans into Christians.

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8 Responses

    • to be honest as a muslim woman myself, when I go swimming I wear a t-shirt and shorts with a bathing suit under it just because I personally feel more comfortable in that. Were as you may feel more comfortable wearing a two piece. Also some of the woman my be older woman and my not have the culture of wearing bathing suits; I know thats how it is for my mother. Plus she feels alot more comfortable wearing tights and a t-shirt. this does not go for all muslim woman I’m just speaking from experiance. You will find muslim woman that wear bathing suits and what not. isn’t swimming about comfort and releasing stress and having fun.

  1. StrDon

    Transcontinental flight, sat next to a woman watching over and over the swimming muslim women on Fox News. Big news.

  2. I don’t believe in the United States there should be a separate time for a Muslim women to swim. We are all equal in the US. First time I have disagreed with Jon Stewart. I feel Jon has let women down by saying that.

    • It’s a separate time for women only, it’s not as if they’re blocking out all women. They just don’t allow men in. I don’t really see the problem at all. Also people have been renting out hours in pools for years? How is taking one hour for women who just want to learn how to swim, a necessary survival skill, while being comfortable an issue at all. I don’t understand how that’s not considered equal. Your reasons are frankly ridiculous especially since you’re making a generalization that they’re letting women down. Can you elucidate on how? I think instead this is empowering women. You go, John Stewart

  3. Linda – agree. But Diane does has a point. 1 hour for women to have the pool all by themselves – this is the surely opening the flood gates to becoming a nation under Sharia law – can’t you see it? Well, the GOPers can see it.

    Propganda Insanity marches on! Climate change you ask? What’s that?

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