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  1. Come on, let’s be honest here, Israel, far too many times, have thumbed it’s arrogant nose at the US and the rest of the world, and at crucial times flaunted the fact that they are defying the entire world and building this cursed settlements, that are detrimental to peace between these waring factions. Yet the US has whispered it’s “disapproval” and keeps enabling the occupier, plying it with more weapons and the most aid. Any other nation would have been boycotted and aid stopped immediately. Let me remind the readers here that the Palestinians were immediately threatened to have their aid cut by the servants of AIPAC in Congress, when they legitimately made an effort to be recognized at the UN by this same Congress. The US if genuinely concerned can do much more to halt these shameful thefts of land, water, and occupation, but really who here is convinced they want to? It is all in the hands of the US, but they seem to keep playing along with Israel’s endless charade.

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