Jon Stewart: NSA Totally Doing all those Things Obama Admin denied they were Doing

Jon Stewart reviews the false statements by President Obama and administration officials about the nature and scope of National Security Agency electronic surveillance of Americans. It is in fact scooping up emails and telephone calls. They’re even in ‘Worlds of Warcraft.’ They’re monitoring the locations of 5 billion smartphones every day. They “want it all.” I began by saying that the Snowden revelations showed the government violating the 4th Amendment. We are now at the point where their assault on the privacy of innocent individuals is fully science-fictional. It turns out that “2014” is substantially worse than “1984.”

Here is the Daily Show segment

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 12.27.29 AM

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  1. I lived through that kind of BS when residing in Riyadh, as part of a U.S.Army program for which my husband worked. But we KNEW ahead of time… there is no harm in calling KSA a “police state.” Who’s allowed to say that about Uncle Sam, and not trigger even further surveillance on one’s private life?

    • I agree with your comment completely. But yet since the Snowden leaks, to call the US a “police state” substantially understates the gravity of the situation. There has never been anything like this before.

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