Syria: Trapped Women of besieged Homs decline evacuation, fearing for their Men

(Via Globalpost)

Women and children fearing for male relatives refuse to leave Syria’s Homs (via GlobalPost)

More than half of the 500 women and children trapped in the Syrian city of Homs refuse to be evacuated, saying they fear leaving male relatives behind, activists said Monday. “Some 200 women and children, those suffering the worst as a result of the…


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  1. For what it’s worth:
    Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said [at Geneva II] armed groups were preventing women and children from leaving the besieged area of Homs.

    “I have been personally involved over the past two years to get these women and children out of the Old City of Homs… In all these attempts we have been prevented by the armed groups, who did not allow a single person out,” Mekdad stated.

      • Let’s up the ante, Professor. Added to your bridge I’ll thrown in some oceanfront property in Arizona.

      • Those who accept the armed opposition’s propaganda, who include most of the western media. are even more gullible.

        • A discriminating mind need not accept propaganda of either the Assad regime or the armed opposition.

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