Gaza: the challenges faced by the young women (Video of the Day)

France24 does what no US news channel will, reporting on the challenges facing young women in occupied Gaza

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Gaza power plant back online as fuel supply resumes (via AFP)

The Gaza Strip’s only power plant returned to life after Israel resumed fuel deliveries on Sunday, a Palestinian official said, two days after a lack of supplies halted electricity production. “The plant resumed functioning with the provision of fuel…

For more on Gaza’s Palestinian women see this article.

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  1. We should all wonder how Israel would react, if the world boycotted it, or denied it electricity, when one of their illegal settlers firebombed a car, killing it’s passengers. We can only imagine the outrage.

  2. Years back Israel bombed Occupied Gaza’s US built and paid for sole power plant with US built and paid for fighter planes and bombs. Not one news service pointed out the irony or total waste of US Taxpayer money. Gaza, the largest open air prison in the world continues to be financed by US taxpayer dollars. Billions of taxpayer dollars that should be spent in these Untied States.

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