Israeli Policy Divides Palestinian Families

(By AFP)

Israel policy splits Palestinian families (via AFP)

Israel’s restrictions on Palestinian movement between Gaza and the West Bank is separating relatives and making family life impossible for tens of thousands of people, an Israeli human rights report said Monday. Jointly published by rights watchdogs…

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  1. This is inhumane behavior. This type of separation will never be tolerated by the occupier, in fact they would have been whining and making political hay, had they been so cruelly separated by these restrictions. One special standard for them, and none for their victims. The more difficult they make it for these poor Palestinians, the sooner they can get rid of them in the galilee.
    Wasn’t that the plan, anyway?
    To think our tax money ends up supporting the culprits that inflict such inhumane punishment on any people, is unbelievable.

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