Assange on Obama Speech: “Embarrassing,” Dragged Kicking and Screaming to Reform by Snowden

Julian Assange responds to Obama speech on NSA reform at CNN

AFP reports:

Obama surveillance pledge will change little: Assange (via AFP)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Friday dismissed President Barack Obama’s proposals to curb the reach of the National Security Agency (NSA), saying they would change very little. In a speech intended to quell the furor over surveillance programs…

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  1. such a patronizing speech … like a dad, explaining the way of the world to his eighth grade child … embarrassing for america

  2. What is patronizing is Assange holding forth on Obama’s speech. President Obama’s policies and method of execution are not always what I would like to see, but he is leagues above the likes of Assange. What a farce! Assange doesn’t think that a public advocate on the FISA Court will have any effect! Assange doesn’t even know how it would operate with a public advocate as a member, and he is already pontificating as if he were an insider. It is a travesty that any network would consider Assange’s comments worthy of news.

    • My dear Bill,
      How did you find your way here? It seems you took a wrong turn on the information superhighway.
      A “travesty” to report on Assange? Is it a travesty for Dr. Cole to report on Assange, too? Or to embrace Ed Snowden as a patriot?
      You should hop on over to TPM where you’ll find comments about Assange, Snowden and Greenwald as ignorant as yours. You’ll feel right at home.

      • My dear Mr. Levine,

        I found my way here long ago because I appreciate Professor Cole’s blog and the fact that he has no problem with opinions that occasionally differ from his own. Unlike you, he does not consider opinions with which he disagrees to be ignorant. Unlike you, Professor Cole recognizes diversity of thought and opinion as healthy.

      • A final thought on your snide suggestion that I should not be commenting on “Informed Comment,” Mr. Levine. To an agile, active, and intelligent mind, there is nothing more boring or less satisfying than preaching to a choir of like-minded individuals who nod their heads in stupifying unanimity to comments with which they all agree. No person with high intellectual qualities would willingly subject himself to such lemming-like behavior, in which he considers thoughts and opinions with which he disagrees to be “ignorant.”.

  3. The use of a “public” comittee member is a charade: the”advocate” is chosen and disciplined for conformity with the group. It is an admission that the rightwing FISA court does nothing of which the public would likely approve. And indeed it has rubberstamped every application including the most questionable, and has been found to have been massively deceived and to have taken no action. Those who know the federal judiciary see no oversight capacity in FISA, and it has shown none. In the Guardian, every commenter considers the speech an embarassment to and betrayal of the US. Would a “public advocate” have told us what Snowden did, when FISA did not? Just trust us, you don’t need democracy.

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