The Real Irony of Rep. Harman being interrupted on NSA Spying by Bieber Bulletin

(By Juan Cole)

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell interrupts former Rep. Jane Harman, speaking on NSA surveillance from Davos, for breaking news about Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest

The real irony of interviewing Harman on NSA spying is that, as Ryan Gierach points out, she is both a victim of it and a big defender of it, which sounds suspicious and possibly corrupt:

” The potential for abuse of privacy drives him to increase oversight, especially in light of a Senator Bernie Sanders’s reminding us of a recent story that involved a Southern Californian congress woman whose phone was tapped by the NSA without FISA approval in 2005 or 2006.

No one to this day knows if Rep. Jane Harman, called the “most crucial defender of the Bush warrantless eavesdropping program,” using her status as ‘the ranking Democratic on the House intelligence committee’ to repeatedly praise the NSA program as “essential to U.S. national security” and ‘both necessary and legal,’” was blackmailed by the Bush administration for an allegedly corrupt agreement she made on that phone call with an alleged Israeli spy. “

When she was in Congress, Harman was allegedly offered the chairmanship of the House Intelligence committee by an Israeli spy in return for her lobbying for reduced charges against operatives of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee who had been charged with espionage.

The conversation was allegedly picked up by the NSA.

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  1. Then there is this from 2012:

    “Candidate for CIA chief Jane Harman advocated ethnic breakup of Iran” by Juan Cole – link to

    Having endured several comments by Jane Harman on TV I find any criticism of her as at least plausible.

  2. Dana Hotchkiss

    Alan Greenspan’s wife, Andrea Mitchell Reports, & others are given bad direction in news reporting. The NSA ‘spying,’ I find, to be inaccurately characterized. We lived next to the Libyan Mission in NYC-AND- briefly, Muammar Gaddafi was in residence. The anti-American sentiment of it’s occupants was ever present. My feeling is, Live Like You have Nothing to Hide & understand how the NSA collects uses/excludes it’s information gathering. Under this administration’s directives, I’m confident. I’m for more camera surveillance too.

  3. .
    anyone who favors the surveillance state is suspect, in my view.
    Suspected of having been got to, corrupted, bribery, blackmailed, whatever.
    They don’t believe in what America stands for, so let’s reelect them.

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