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  1. This really is very, very revealing. Its not so much the substance of what he says that scares the bejesus out of The System,, but Snowden’s manner. It stands to empower others and to persuade more directly responsible people.

  2. If (as your text suggests — I could not view the video) NSA spied for corporations, then it means that not only the USA’s more-than=-merely-bloated “defense” budget but also its doubtless-more-than-bloated “intelligence” budget and activities are being spent/carried out in corporate (rather than “security”) interests.

    I wonder which the corporations are. Are they “American”? Are their shareholders American?

    The oligarchic reign over the USA cannot be more clearly marked out than by seeing all the money wastefully (and worse) spent by the USA in corporate interests.

    Wouldn’t a return to “democracy” — with all its troubles — be a delight?

    • There would be a response along the Whats-Good-For-Coporate-America-Is-Good,,,etc. Part of the trickle-down logic; and there is something to it, however thin. There’s also the reality that with a 401 or any other US investment instruments, you may benefit in some small way. Shades of Gray.

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