Iran: Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Allies in US Senate Seek Vote to Scuttle President Obama’s Talks

(By AFP)

White House won’t predict Iran sanctions vote (via AFP)

The White House declined Friday to renew its previous prediction that a Senate bill slapping new sanctions on Iran, which it fears could scupper nuclear talks, would not pass the Senate. President Barack Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney did deliver a new…


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Press TV reports from an Iranian point of view:

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  1. KR

    why doesn’t Obama take his case to the American public. After all, public pressure scuttled a Syria strike

  2. I never thought I’d actually see a bunch of congresspeople, who would not be there if not for their voters, take a stand against their OWN President, and try to pass a bill that would be detrimental to the on going peace talks with Iran. Right now we are seeing in action, what we have always known – American leaders doing the bidding of a foreign lobby, whose main intent is to do what a foreign nation commands, even if it derails the efforts made by their own President. Menendez, who is one of Israel’s dutiful servants, will never get my vote next time.

        • “The lobby may be local but it serves a foreign interest.”

          Precisely the right point!

          Even though local, i.e., manned by *Americans* , it still violates the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The agents don’t have to be foreign, their clients do. And yes, their client, Israel, is a foreign country.

      • The lobby is largely directed by a foreign interest. It’s Netanyahu who’s behind the current push for this sanctions bill.

        • “It’s Netanyahu who’s behind the current push for this sanctions bill.”

          Of course it is. It’s been the Lobby’s practice for decades to take political instructions from Israel as it is uniquely her interests which are at stake.

          It’s not pretty but the Lobby’s role in it reflects an ethnic conflict of interest which we should not be empowering by failing under pressure to enforce the law.

  3. Rouhani is a moderate so this would seem to be a good thing, right? If we drive this thing to a point where Rouhani would look weak to his right wingers then would this not weaken us as well? From everything I have read about concerning the p5+1 deal Iran received about 3% of their money, so far. Tell me, how far do we need to drive this nail.

    I just hope that for all this theatre that there is some kind of happy outcome. Like, maybe forcing the Iranians to hurry up, or something!

      • Yes Roger that’s just what I meant. Really with all the nukes Israel has what’s the worry. I grew up in a America that had a nuclear rival Russia, and yet somehow we lived with it. Maybe Israel should just settle down. My saying to hurry up was reference to the p5+1 talks. I want a peaceful solution.

        • Isn’t it “racist” or at best simple minded to adopt Israeli propaganda to the effect that Iranians and Arabs too are undeterrable, that implicitly the cause must be some sort of genomic defect? Or the result of having been marinated since the 6th or 7th Century in a particularly demonic religion? And that the only people in the region who can be trusted, especially with nuclear weapons, are the Ashkenazi from Eastern Europe? We defeat *ourselves* by giving a moment’s credence to this manipulative nonsense. We have to fight it.

          It is obviously best for all concerned that there be no nuclear weapons at all in the Middle-East. The Israelis will not disarm. Therefore, wherein lies the nuclear arms race problem?

  4. The president, either himself or through his State Department, by American tradition, takes the lead in foreign affairs. If congress wishes to undermine the President’s agenda, then that is a radical congress. As lawmakers, these are not conservatives as Republicans love to proclaim. They should be called out as radical extremists who are anything but conservative.

    • “If congress wishes to undermine the President’s agenda, then that is a radical congress.”

      Exactly. And that conclusion is driven home by the fact that the President is obviously a moderate.

  5. Jay L I am with you on the republican thing.
    Menendez is a democrat Kirk Is the republican extremist.

    What’s driving this ‘tough sanctions’ craze is special interest, so they say. I think it’s politicians talking out loud. I’m not sure how much is theatre or not. From everything I am trying to keep a breast of, Iran seems to be on schedule. Even looking forward to the next p5+1 which will be held in Vienna.
    Vienna nice.

    But you are right about that conservative thing and the extremist!

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