Not only Big Brother but Big Corporation is Tracking you Online Too

(Via Techdirt)

What Happens When You Marry The NSA’s Surveillance Database With Amazon’s Personalized Marketing? (via Techdirt)

By now, most people who shop online are aware of the way in which companies try to tailor their offers based on your previous purchasing and browsing history. Being followed by strangely relevant ads everywhere is bad enough, but what if the government…

Zeynep Tufekci blogs at Technosociology


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The New America Foundation this week presented a panel on “The Ever-Falling Cost of Surveillance” , including prominent journalists covering this beat.

Blurb: “The Ever-Falling Cost of Surveillance:
How You Can Be Tracked for Just Pennies a Day, and What It Means for The Future of Privacy”

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  1. “Not only Big Brother but Big Corporation is Tracking you Online Too”

    But big corporations don’t kill people and throw them in cages.

  2. If you can monitor your home while you are away, can’t people at Comcast also? Can’t the government then “convince” Comcast that you’re a potential security threat and that the government should be able to monitor your home security feed?

  3. Big Government, for all intents and purposes, IS Big Corporation. The “revolving door” now invalidates Einstein’s theory by moving faster than the speed of light…

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