Israeli Business Leaders, Fearing Boycotts, Pressure Israeli Gov’t to make Peace

(Via AFP)

Israel concerned at growing boycott threat (via AFP)

Israeli government and business leaders are alarmed by a growing international boycott movement and the likely effect of EU measures against exports from Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. Cabinet ministers are to meet next week to hammer…


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Press TV reports, “Israeli finance minister: Boycott will hit each of us in the pocket”

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  1. “Like with South Africa, the United States should end its military aid to Israel until it ends the occupation, which might possibly be the single most effective economic action any party can take to end the occupation.”
    Don’t hold your breath. Washington lives in fear of offending
    AIPAC. Aid is also pork to the US arms industry and their lobsters. Though perhaps less creepy than Israel, South Africa never had a tiny fraction of the pull inside Washington.
    The POTUS made a giant public suck-up to Israel in his State of the Union Speech. He seemed not the least embarrassed.

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