Falk: Edward Said was the Palestinians’ Nelson Mandela

(By Andrew Sondern)

Princeton professor emeritus talks Palestinian nationalism in speech at university (via NJ.com)

By Andrew Sondern Richard Falk, a professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, is no stranger to controversy. On the same…


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Euronews reported earlier this month: “Israeli forces clear Palestinian protest camp ”

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  1. Richard Falk makes a lot of sense. It is a pity that some simply do not have the ability to hear any criticism of Israel, and it’s many condemned policies, and the occupation. The accusations of anti semitism in such cases ring hollow, are totally inappropriate, and meant to silence those who dare speak up against Israel.
    “He added that Said and many Palestinians became progressively more disillusioned over Palestine’s long struggle for statehood, because Israel allegedly refused to recognize Palestinian rights and accelerated violations of international law.

    “However barbaric the Holocaust, it did not excuse the failing of justice for the Palestinian people, who were fully entitled to live on the land of historic Palestine,” Falk said.

    Well said Professor Falk.

    Who in their right mind will expect any occupied people to acknowledge the existence of their occupiers, the armed neighbor that wields power over them?
    Most of all, Israel has NOT recognized the rights of the Palestinians, and even made a desperate attempt to prevent them being recognized at the UN, with the help of their top aid giver and supporter, the US.
    It must have been hard when the majority in the world decided to send Israel a message, and voted the Palestinians in.
    Israel demands they be recognized by the victims of their occupation, while it refuses to grant them their freedom and rights. What chutzpah.

  2. People advocating 2 state solution are in fact advocating status quo and are not to be taken seriously. What kind of neighbor Israel will be to a Palestinian Bantustan but a military, political and an economic over lord. It is already too late for that.

    • One difference – Mandela did not advocate self determination for the Bantustans but a unified multiracial state where every citizen was equal. The fragmentation of Palestine has rendered a two state solution impossible. Call it Judea and Samaria and admit a couple of million more Arabs to the Israeli democracy. After all, can Hamas be any worse in the Knesset than the right wing parties of hatred?

  3. Very Controversial to promote one’s human rights. My Zionist grandparents would love this Mr. Falk guy. They were Zionists but not neccesarily totally crazy neo=racists……………Ask my Mom…..

    Stand Up, Stand up and take my hand, we are going to live together in the Promised Land. Not everyone is a moron. Sorry Mr, Netanyahu, we are not buying what you are selling.

    Deal off, no settlement for u, says this Jewish Family, here in the USA. Stop. Now.

    And I don’t like people who appropriate my religion for their political purposes. That’s not going to work for us Jews who realize reality. and were raised to care about other human beings.


    Shaun Baran

    • With all due respect Mr. Baran, only those who teach and preach hatred to the next generation should be sorry. Truth be told you sound like a rational, open minded and clear hearted individual this Muslim from Iran strives to be.
      Thank you for reinforcing my faith in the decency of the human beings.

  4. I salute both Mr. Baran and the rational open-minded Muslim from Iran. I agree with Naps comment completely;

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