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  1. Sexuelle Belästigung kann nur besser werden, wenn die Mütter anfangen ihre Söhne besser zu erziehen. Sie müssen den herrlichen Söhnen zuerst Respekt zu den Schwestern beibringen. Sie müssen lernen, dass das Mädchen zuerst als weibliches Individuum respektiert werden muss und nicht als “Ehrenobjekt” bzw. “Untertanin” der männlichen Familienmitglieder.

  2. I have had very close women friends that worked in places with wayward messed up guys. One of those friends had years of experience living and working there. Others didn’t have as much experience and they were the ones that went to martial arts classes. I talked with them about how good they would have to be to really defend themselves. But, the most important point is that the guys are also victims of repeated beatings from family and neighbors. They are used to more punishment than almost any smaller inexperienced person can hand-out. My very close friend with the most experience carried a really nasty knife. She’s not living a dream of super heroes and also gets lots more done for the people where the bad guys live. If we had more like her, we would have less bad guys.

    • Uhh–I should be more clear. I meant to say that we would have less bad guys because she helped them. I don’t think she ever did use or threaten to use that knife. She just has experience that enables her to help people.

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