As Egyptian Gov’t Falls, Leftist Presidential Candidate seeks Youth Vote

(Via AFP)

Egypt presidential hopeful fears return to autocracy (via AFP)

Presidential hopeful Hamdeen Sabbahi said he fears a return to autocratic rule in Egypt, telling AFP that the army chief, a likely election frontrunner, has failed to dispel these concerns. Sabbahi, 59, who came third in the 2012 presidential election…

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  1. Certainly appears that when the U.S. and Israel do not like an elected leader in those parts we support a coup etc and then pretend to support the people in that country and play up the try try again until you pick someone we like song and dance. No wonder so many folks in that part of the world hate the U.S.

    The group Camera’s efforts to close the I/P debate on Cspan’s Washington Journal or any sane positions on Iran has escalated over the last few years

    Hope folks will consider calling into C-Span’s Washington Journal this week during open phones and ask viewers to call their Reps and ask them to vote against any new efforts to push new sanctions against Iran or any legislation that moves the U.S. any closer towards a military confrontation with Iran. We know our Reps will be under tremendous pressure from Aipac attendees towards the end of the week through next week. Remember millions of people watch this program each week. You can influence and encourage many people this way.

    The program runs from 7 a.m. -10 a.m. est
    Washington Journal Phone Numbers

    Our phone lines are typically divided by political affiliation, with a line for callers from outside the United States:
    Democrats: (202) 585-3880
    Republicans: (202) 585-3881
    Independents: (202) 585-3882
    Outside U.S.: (202) 585-3883
    – See more at: link to

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