Egyptian Junta increasingly sees Journalism as a form of Terrorism, Arrests Journalists

(Via Globalpost)

Why Al Jazeera’s journalists are being targeted in Egypt (via GlobalPost)

CAIRO, Egypt — In Egypt, journalists are being accused of terrorism. Twenty Al Jazeera employees, including four foreigners, are to stand trial on charges of joining or assisting a terrorist group, as well as fabricating news to convince readers that…


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Euronews reports, “Egypt attacks, jails Al-Jezeera TV journalists on charges of aiding ‘enemy'” . Among the charges: giving the impression that there is a civil war in Egypt!

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  1. This seems to me the logical conclusion of the USA’s process of calling whistleblowers “traitors” and hounding journalists for exposing the truth. Used to be called “shoot the messenger” and has never been a successful strategy in the longer term.

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