Israeli Pols attack Sec. Kerry over Boycott Remarks: “Can’t negotiate with a gun to our Heads”

(Via AFP)

Israel, US locked in spat over Kerry boycott remark (via AFP)

Israel and Washington were at loggerheads on Sunday after senior Israeli figures attacked US Secretary of State John Kerry for warning of a growing boycott threat if peace talks fail. The latest spat erupted a day after Kerry warned of the potential…


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  1. Can’t negotiate with a gun to their heads eh? But Israel has held the big guns to the occupied for decades, and it seems reluctant to let go. Every. Excuse in the book will now be used to avoid making peace. To make peace means Israel will lose too much, including land grabs…they are military occupiers building illegal settlement in disputed lands, controlling the water belonging to the occupied, and generally doing as they please…why do they need a peace agreement?

  2. “You can’t expect Israel to negotiate with a gun at its head…. ”
    Yet they expect the Palestinians to negotiate with a gun to their heads, checkpoints at every intersection, fences around their towns and villages and troops in their living rooms.

  3. I love it when the Obama administration plays coy. Who, us? (Shocked face.)

    Kerry, she said, had demonstrated steadfast support of Israel for over 30 years, “including staunch opposition to boycotts” and his remarks in Munich had merely “described some well-known and previously stated facts about what is at stake for both sides if this process fails, including the consequences for the Palestinians.”

    “His only reference to a boycott was a description of actions undertaken by others that he has always opposed,” she said.

    Ha ha ha. “Hey, man, my partner gets crazy sometimes; I can’t control him! Look, I’m trying to help you out, but there’s only so much I can do unless you meed me half way.”

  4. Israel is out of line completely! AIPAC and all other right wing Israeli lobbyists must register as foreign government agents.

  5. “You can’t expect Israel to negotiate with a gun at its head while it discusses issues critical to its diplomatic and security interests.”

    However, you can expect the Israelis to demand that that the supposed honest broker put its thumb on the scale in Israel’s favor in all respects in this sham of a negotiation.

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