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  1. But the systematic and persistent hollowing out of good-paying jobs for the working class has been going on since the early nineties in this country. I lived in Lakewood, Ohio, during this time and I still remember how many jobs – in the hundreds of thousands – we’re lost in the Greater Cleveland Metro Area anD shipped overseas. So I’m completely underwhelmed by all this sudden “strum und drang” going on right now. The handwriting was on the wall even back then.

    • It’s been going on even longer than that. Originally it took the form of newly-GOP Southern states dangling their union-busting “culture” to lure Yankee capitalists to abandon the Rust Belt. Ironically the infrastructure projects showered on the South by LBJ made the move feasible. Once the power of unions were broken, there was no one to stand in the way of the Reaganoids, and the road was clear to move the jobs entirely out of the US.

  2. It’s been going on longer than that. The Steel mills in Pittsburgh closed down in the early eighties.

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