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  1. While this is certainly horrible and is getting a lot of press, and especially in the mainstream media, it is about on par with the tasering and tear-gassing of OWS and anti-globalization protesters that occurred/occurs in North America all the time. Somehow, THAT’s just good police work to the MSM.

  2. Absolutely shameful. Russian regimes come and go but Mother Russia remains no more capable of real liberalization today than she was in 1825 or in the 1840’s. Beyond paranoid, violent, unassimilable within the western world, for all our faults she should have left the Olympics to Switzerland, or better to Bavaria.

    I’ve been “hoping against hope” that she could make it work but there is no redemption for the land of Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag Archipelago. They have no experience with decent governance. For me it’s now “hope abandoned.”

    The sheer guts of these young women was astounding. They knew the police were there and were running to the chosen location so as to get set up before the brutes arrived and they didn’t want to give up even as the blows rained down. Putin, the current KGB Vozhd, is going to regret this, but only in private, whatever he might say openly nothing will actually change.

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