Why won’t Western Politicians Condemn Israeli Crackdown on Palestinian Protesters, but do Complain about Ukraine?

(Via AFP)

Hundreds demand reopening of key Hebron street (via AFP)

Palestinians held a protest Friday in the West Bank city of Hebron to demand its main street be reopened, 20 years after the Israeli military closed it on security grounds. An AFP correspondent said about 1,000 Palestinians joined by Israeli and international…

RT has raw video footage of Israeli troops attacking Palestinian protesters in Hebron / al-Khalil (a West Bank town outside Israel), explaining, “Palestinians clashed with Israeli troops on Friday as protesters rallied in Hebron to mark twenty years since the massacre of 29 Palestinians at a religious shrine. The 1994 massacre, carried out by Jewish settler Baruch Goldstein, led to the closure of a main road in Hebron. The protesters were demonstrating against the closure saying it is disruptive and helps cement Israeli control over the area. Israeli troops fired rubber bullets and threw stun grenades at protesters. A Palestinian medical official said at least two protesters were injured in the clashes. .”


h/t for title to Rania Khalek:

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  1. Why even ask the question? Does Ukraine have anything comparable to the Israel Lobby?

  2. Why do they ignore the crisis going on in the Palestinian territories, the military occupation, blockades, land thefts, and Palestinian children in their hundreds languishing in Israeli jails, with no legal recourse? Why do they keep sending the most aid and unwavering support to an occupier, pretending that the nation we arm and aid are the victims? Are they so ignorant, that they simply cannot acknowledge that Palestinian territories are shrinking, and that 90 percent of the water they have access to is contaminated, while the occupier controls it, and even sells it to these poor people? The entire world knows this, but the US pretends it is doing Israelis a big favor.
    It is heartening to know that there are Israeli activists marching for the freedom of the Palestinians. It is time these protests got louder around the world, boycotts started, and a louder message sent to Israel.

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