Tens of Thousands on Twitter Drop Turkey’s President over Internet Censorship Law

(Via AFP)

Turkey president loses Twitter followers over web law (via AFP)

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has lost tens of thousands of Twitter followers after signing into force a controversial law voted in by parliament that would tighten controls over web use. Gul, a frequent user of social media, lost almost 80,000 followers…


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Euronews: “In Turkey, around 200 journalists protested against censorship and government pressure on the media. Many referred to the ruling party when they chanted “AK Party get your hands off the media.”

Last week, recordings were leaked on the Internet purportedly of Turkish TV executives manipulating an opinion poll and sacking reporters under government pressure.

Journalist Hilmi Hacalo─člu explained: “The government is trying to control the media by using the bosses or the journalists close to them….

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  1. How does the Turkish government define insulting?

    Does a website that mocks Turkishness, Ataturk, Erdogan, Islam, or a website that commemorates the victims of the Armenian genocide be deemed insulting?

  2. Nadir Firat

    Sadly he has over 4mil followers. “Do you know how Grant defeated Lee? He had more men. That’s all.” ~Frank Underwood

  3. and where is the Turkish Yacov Smirnov to remind us that in Tayyip’s Turkey, President follows you! well, prime minister, actually. And today Hurriyet carries the news of a coming open season on Ankara in which police will be able to search anything, anyone, anywhere in order to look for prospective crimes or — I’m not making this up, potential violations of rights and freedoms.

    Twitter/ the draconian charges have been dropped, but 29 people face 3 years each for use of Twitter during Gezi. the sole cited “victim” in the case is Erdogan.

    @ RD Sultan: Yes. It’s whatever the ministry or the PM likes. And as far as old media go, the PM just calls the editor/producer and says stop — thus the lack of news about CHP Istanbul Mayor candidate Sarigul.

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