CIA: Only Spied On Senate Because They Took Documents Proving We Lied

CIA: We Only Spied On Senate Intelligence Committee Because They Took Classified Documents That Prove We’re Liars (via Techdirt)

Earlier this week, we wrote about the accusations that the CIA was spying on Senate staffers on the Senate Intelligence Committee as they were working on a massive $40 million 6,300 pages report condemning the CIA’s torture program. The DOJ is apparently…


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RT: “Justice Department to investigate CIA spying on Senate”

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  1. Casey

    @JohnKiriakou – Ha! You have my permission as a United States Citizen to Spy as much as you want on the Basta#ds.

  2. Don’t expect much to come of any investigation of the CIA.

    The last real FBI investigation of the Central Intelligence Agency involved a 4-billlion dollar loan from an FDIC-insured bank branch in Atlanta of an Italian-headquartered financial institution to the government of Iraq. This loan was facilitated by CIA personnel and FBI director William Sessions ordered a thorough investigation.

    The CIA retaliated by causing an investigation of Sessions that led to findings that he violated government regulations by using his office phone to speak to his wife and other trivialities.

    The bottom line was that the CIA personnel that had been implicated in the questionable loan transaction were not criminally prosecuted.

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