Crimean Tatars fear Russian Rule

Crimean Tatars fear a future under Russia (via GlobalPost)

BAKHCHYSARAI, Ukraine — Crimean Tatars know a few things about oppression. In the past two or so centuries, this tight-knit Muslim group has been colonized by the Russian Empire, deported en masse by the Soviet Union and denied the most basic of rights…


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    • Could? Absolutely. Would? Tayyip’s not that crazy. He has not one single time said anything against Putin’s protection of Assad. Never. He harangues Europe and the US, but is silent about Assad’s actual supporter.

      Or as Sozcu reports, Davutoglu was heard to say, “No Sunnis, no Shia, no oil! How can there be a problem in Ukraine?” (OK, it’s a satiric site, but still, it’s fairly accurate.)

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