US Drone Kills 5 Allied Afghan Troops, mistaking them for Taliban

NATO air strike kills five Afghan soldiers (via AFP)

A NATO air strike in eastern Afghanistan accidentally killed five Afghan soldiers on Thursday, officials said, the latest incident likely to worsen already fraught relations between Kabul and the US-led coalition. NATO offered its condolences over the…


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NATO strike kills five Afghan troops

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    • Hey, man, lighten up! They killed the target, didn’t they? And it was all perfectly legal! And stupid!

  1. With family still in Yemen, my question is when will it stop? Is “offering condolences” the best they can do? What a disgrace. Innocent people who live in these countries now face danger on two fronts: from the militants and from the drones as well. And these were men in Afghanistan clearly working with us! Has this occurence been given any exposure on mainstream media? Of course not.

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